An oTree-based Flexible Architecture for Financial Market Experiments

R&R at Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 2019

This document presents an architecture for experiments in finance. The archi-tecture builds on oTree, a modern platform for behavioral experiments, allowingfor experiments to have sophisticated economic environments, market institutions,and trader strategies. The system supports both continuous as well as discrete-time markets. This architecture allows the experimenter to have a good controlof communication latencies down to one or two hundredths of a second. This, inturn, for instance, facilitates the experimental study of high-frequency trading.Also, the architecture modularizes its main components which makes the systemflexible, portable, and scalable.

R&R at Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance.


Recommended citation: Aldrich, E. and Demirci, Ali-Hasan and López Vargas, K., (2018). “An oTree-based Flexible Architecture forFinancial Market Experiments.” Working Paper.