In-Class Economic Games in MobLab

MOBLAB CODE: sp4t2geu


Competitive Market (Moblab) - Brief instructions

  • Students are randomly and evenly split into buyers and sellers of oranges.
  • By default, buyers demand three units (with decreasing marginal valuation) and sellers can provide up to three units (at an increasing marginal cost).
  • A buyer can submit a Bid, while a seller can submit an Ask.
  • A transaction occurs at the highest Bid if a seller presses "Sell at Highest Bid" or submits an Ask lower than the highest Bid.
  • A transaction occurs at the lowest Ask if a buyer presses Buy at Lowest Ask or submits a Bid higher than the lowest Ask.
  • When a transaction is completed, the participant that transacted can attempt to transact their next unit.

  • Read full instructions in text and video here:

Prisoner Dilemma (Moblab) - Brief instructions

  • In each round, you and your match simultaneously choose either to cooperate ("C") or to defect ("D")
  • By choosing one of the actions highlighted in blue.

  • Read full instructions in text here: