Lectures and Homeworks

Intermediate Microeconomics - Econ 100A - UCSC - Fall 2017

University of California Santa Cruz

Prof. Kristian López Vargas <kristian@ucsc.edu>

This quarter instruction will be shared with Asha Shepard <ajshepar@ucsc.edu>

Welcome this is the page where you will find the lectures and homeworks in printable format as well as in slide or presentation form.

If you cannot visualize this page correctly from within Canvas, you can go directly to this link https://kmlv.github.io/Econ100A_F17/.


Please before you start your studying and learning, read the syllabus very carefully.

The up-to-date version of the Syllabus can be found here: http://bit.ly/econ100a_f17

Lectures and Homeworks

Printable version of the lecture slides can be found in the left navigation menu of this page (https://kmlv.github.io/Econ100A_F17/). To print a page, go to the corresponding page you want to print on the left navigation menu and use standard file/print menu of your browser (or keyboard shortcuts Command+P or Ctrl+P).

Lecture Slides (that is, lectures in presentation form) can be found here:

  1. Introduction - Lecture 1

  2. Budget Constraint- Ch 2

  3. Preferences- Ch 3

  4. Utility- Ch 4

  5. Choice- Ch 5

  6. Demand- Ch 6

  7. Market Demand- Ch 15

  8. Technology- Ch 19

  9. Cost Minimization- Ch 21

  10. Cost Curves C 22

  11. Firm Supply and Industry Supply - Ch 23, 24

  12. Equilibrium- Ch 16

  13. Monopoly- Ch 25

  14. Oligopoly- Ch 28

  15. Game Theory- Ch 29, 30

Lectures slides are partly based on the teaching materials provided by the publisher of the official textbook ("Intermediate Microeconomics" by Hal R. Varian) and partly on my own previous materials.

Lectures Review

Webcast of lectures can be found here: https://webcast.ucsc.edu See syllabus for login and password.

[ New! ] Hand-written notes and examples from class can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BybNqMF3VOCYQTNMNmJUVGQ0VlE?usp=sharing


Up-to-date reading assignments per week can be found in the last page of the Syllabus

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments (and their solutions) can be found in the left navigation menu of this page (https://kmlv.github.io/Econ100A_F17/).

Other relevant materials and sources

I recommend you open the following links in a new tab.

Note on Math Review

This course relies on your sharp knowledge of basic calculus and algebra. Here you have some review problems that you can use to refresh these mathematical tools. These exercises will not be graded.

  1. exponent rules and solutions: https://www.mcckc.edu/tutoring/docs/bt/exp_rad_log/Exponent_Rules_&_Practice.pdf

  2. simplifying rational exponents and solution: https://cdn.kutasoftware.com/Worksheets/Alg2/Simplifying%20Rational%20Exponents.pdf

  3. derivative practice test: https://math.la.asu.edu/~carlson/dt1.pdf

    • its solution (don't worry about derivatives that involve exponential functions): https://math.la.asu.edu/~carlson/dts1.pdfLinks


Thanks to Dahyeon Jeong, Ursula Kucia-Stauder, Pierre Vo, Brian Nazar and Milán Márquez for providing inputs in the preparation of these teaching materials.